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Golden Globes Red Carpet: Hope for Hollywood or Hopelessly Boring?

Nothing like an Award show Red Carpet to provide creative inspiration. Or so I thought. The 2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet was anti-climatic and missing the O...M...G moments brought by the likes of Bjork, Cher and other Red Carpet shockers from days past. Where was my muse?!

I found the endless parade of perfection to be, well...kind of boring. I wasn't expecting my source of inspiration to be the lack thereof. The outcome is a departure from my regular Content-related postings but here's the Opinion piece I wrote for Blogcritics.

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Golden Globes Red Carpet: Hope for Hollywood or Hopelessly Boring?

Another Golden Globes Red Carpet has come and gone. The gowns, the diamonds, the to-die-for shoes. No shocker that Anne Hathaway was absolutely stunning, Natalie Portman and Jane Krakowski showed elegant pregnant, and I have to admit I’m a Helen Mirren fan. She also looked amazing but could have left out the tacky comment about the multimilion dollar diamond necklace. I don’t think any of us were questioning if it was cubic zirconia.

The media cannot get enough of Hollywood power couple Brad and Angelina who once again dominated the TV coverage with the most mentions prior to their arrival and even after they were off the red carpet. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones made an appearance; Catherine always looks timeless and one has to admire Michael for winning his battle with cancer.

The glitz, the glamour, the Golden Globes – does anyone else find it a bit… well… how shall I say…tired? I was more entertained by the TV commercial for Big Bang Theory than by seeing Sandra Bullock was sporting a new hair style – she’s got bangs! Even Helena Bonham-Carter with her different colored shoes was more expected than shocking.

Is this a sign of the times? Has Hollywood grown up and relegated the Bratpack-style antics to TMZ? That’s not to say that media pundits like Perez Hilton, the hilarious Fugly critics (gofugyourself.com), and notorious Joan Rivers won’t have ample material for their reviews this week. I have hope for Hollywood but it’s also becoming hopelessly boring. It’s a catwalk parade of the rich and beautiful and sadly, less about the art and accomplishments for which they are coming together.

Maybe next year Paris Hilton could try another motorcycle entrance. 'Cuz that was hot.