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Interview: Gamification & Content Strategy

Interview conducted at the EU Content Strategy Forum 2011 on Gamification and Content Strategy. 

Do I really sound like that??!

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Enterprise Gamification: Legit or Leap of Faith?

I'll be honest, this one was a beast.

Aside from verifying all the sources and data - developing a narrative from a frog's POV (which I must thank designer Julien Tremeur) was an interesting experience. 

I'm fascinated on how the topic of Gamification is controversial. I've seen how it ignites strong reactions and opinions - positive and negative, with few between. The only times I've received Tweet-beats (the affectionate term I used for being flamed via Twitter), has been related to my editorial or posts on gamification.

Regardless of where you stand, I'm interested in your feedback... even if that means you're compelled to tweet-beat me. :-) 



Here's the follow up to my EU Content Strategy Forum 2011 presentation - I refer to it as the 'long deck'. The CSForum deck is what I presented live. This iteration provides the details, background and data which I referenced in the "Gamification and Content Strategy" presentation.
Enterprise Gamification by itzCorinne
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11:30 AM

INFOGRAPHIC: where did Content Strategists come from?

Very cool info graphic on Content Strategists from Richard Ingram. EMBED